There’s a lot to know about owning and managing land.  We’re all part of a watershed and our actions can affect others. The things that you and your neighbors do can greatly improve the health of the resources we all appreciate about Puget Sound. Below you’ll find links to publications and resources that may be of use. Check our Resources page for additional publications.

Gardening Resources

Livestock & Pasture Management Resources

Whole Farm Management Resources


NRCS Farm & Ranch Land Protection Program (FRPP)

  • FRPP Landowners Guide 2nd Edition –(PDF Document) This Landowner’s guide to applying for an agricultural conservation easement through the federal Farm and Ranch Land Protection Program is intended to assist landowners interested in applying for funding. This guide does not replace the official application process. For the full application click here. If you would like a hard copy of this landowners guide, please send a message to or call (360)407-7474

Forestry Resources

  • Programs and Services Available for Forest Landowners – If you’re a forest landowner in Washington State, there are many programs and resources to help you maintain a healthy forest on your property.
  • Stewarding Your ForestYour woods are part of a network of over 22 million acres of an iconic range of ecosystems. Follow these tips to get to know your forest better.
  • Understanding Your Forest Real EstateAs a way to encourage sound forestry practices and conserve healthy, working forests in Washington State, many counties offer landowners the option to have their land designated as forests. Learn more!
  • Forestry Stewardship Calendar – A helpful graphic that illustrates the seasonal tasks for forest management.
  • Forest Bee Pollinators – This publication explains the importance of wild bees in our forests.

Interested in learning more about resources for your farm, garden, or forest land?  Contact us today.