Agricultural Programs Manager

Marguerite started her position at the Thurston Conservation District in June 2019, but several years ago she was interned with the District during her last quarter at The Evergreen State College. Her role at the Thurston Conservation District includes the implementation of the Voluntary Stewardship Program, developing farm plans, and technical assistance to landowners and farmers in the community.

During her time at The Evergreen State College Marguerite’s focus of study was ecological agriculture, economics, and organic farming. This diverse educational background coupled with growing up on a dairy farm in Lewis County has strengthened her view on the importance of best management practices.

Before coming back to the TCD, Marguerite was working as a Resource Technician at the Lewis Conservation District. She constructed farm plans, preformed VSP tasks, and pursued different educational outreach duties.  Previous to her career in Conservation, Marguerite worked for home health, hospice, rehabilitation sectors, and other medical occupations. Her drive and compassion for helping people is melting with her love of farming.

Reach out to Marguerite if you need assistance on your land, are in search for some advice with natural resources, have a concerns about critical areas on your property, or curious about conservation planning. The word ‘plan’ is in her name and she’s eager to serve the Ag community.

When not on the job, you can find Marguerite spending time with her family. She can be spotted gardening, kayaking, enjoying the beauty of the countryside, and taking part in community events within Thurston County, Lewis County, and beyond.
Fun Facts about Marguerite: Studied abroad in New Zealand while attending Pacific Lutheran University, was the 2005 Dairy Princess for Lewis County, she is a duel American/Swiss citizen, and the only broken bone she ever had was from a heifer moving incident before the age of three.

Educational Degrees & Certifications/Licenses:

  • Bachelors Degree in Ecological Agriculture
  • Center for Technical Development Planner Certification Farm Planner Level 1
  • NRCS Conservation Planner Apprentice Designation