Thurston Conservation District has added a new no-till drill to our equipment rentals! We offer low-cost rental of equipment, tools, and processing units to all community members. This helps support local farmers and backyard producers to affordably manage their landscapes.

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No-Till Drill Rental Procedure

    1. Request a reservation by calling Aimee Richardson at 564-233-8129
      Reservation times follow a Thursday-Tuesday rental period. We will schedule the dates as well as the pick-up and drop-off times.

      The -rate of rental is dependent on the acreage you are planning on planting, please have the acreage number ready when calling to reserve. A $150 refundable security deposit will also be charged at the time of payment.

    0-20 acres 21-40 acres 41-60 acres 60 acres +
    $100 $150 $200 $300

    1. If your requested reservation time is available, you will get a confirmation email with the dates and a Terms and Conditions form.

    You will also receive a PayPal invoice for the rental. Invoices are to be paid within 48 hours of being sent.

    To confirm your rental, your signed Terms and Conditions form and payment through PayPal must be completed within 48 hours of sending. If it is not completed within that timeframe, we will be unable to hold your reservation.

    1. On the day of your reservation, arrive at Thurston Conservation District’s office at the set pick-up time. A TCD staff person will support you in picking up the equipment. Please expect to spend up to 20 minutes going over safety, equipment use, and cleaning. 

    You will need a 1-inch pin hitch and a 7-way blade or 7-way round electrical hookup.

    1. Upon arrival, you will get a binder with information for using the no-till drill. Once you receive the no-till drill, please clean it according to the Cleaning Procedure. A copy of this procedure is also provided in the binder that accompanies the no-till drill.

    2. If the no-till drill has damage that prevents its use, or if it’s damaged during use, please let us know as soon as you can, either by email ( or by phone (564-233-8129). Do not proceed with fixing the equipment or continue use if it is broken. You will work with a TCD staff member to document any damage to the no-till drill in the Damage Log. This form is located in the binder.

    3. Before you return the no-till drill, please clean it again according to the No-Till Drill Cleaning Procedure. A copy of this procedure is also in the binder. A cleaning fee will be charged if you do not clean it properly.

    4. On the last day of your reservation, drop the equipment off at the Thurston Conservation District office at the pre-arranged time so it is ready for the next renter. You may drop the no-till drill off early, as long as you have made arrangements with a staff member when the TCD office is open.

    Please note, failure to return the equipment shall result in a late penalty of $100 per day. If TCD is required to retrieve the equipment, a retrieval penalty of $300 will be applied in addition to any late penalties. Borrower agrees to follow the cleaning procedures. Borrower agrees to return the equipment in a clean and usable condition. A refundable amount of $150 will be returned only after the equipment has been inspected and verified clean by TCD staff. Repeated failures to return the equipment to the agreed-upon standard will result in ineligibility to further rent equipment from TCD. 

    Program requirements and operations are subject to change.

    For any questions, please contact Aimee Richardson at

    Available Equipment

    No-Till Drill

    (Thursday-Tuesday rental period)

    Please note, the $150 security deposit will be refunded if the equipment is returned on time and clean.

    This drill is 10 feet wide with an 8 ft working width. You will need a 1-inch pin hitch and a 7-way blade or 7-way round electrical hookup to transport the drill. Tow this drill behind any tractor with at least 45 horsepower and one hydraulic port. 



    TCD’s rental program remains open currently. The use of shared farm equipment by our community comes with the inherent risk of disease transmission. Additional sanitization procedures are required by renters and performed by TCD staff between reservations to help minimize the risk of transmission of the avian flu. We encourage all renters to carefully follow our biosafety procedures.