Thurston Conservation District
2022 Election Information


A mail-in election for a board seat (Position 2) at the Thurston Conservation District was held on March 15, 2022. Voting is now complete.

In preliminary election results, TJ Johnson is the winner of Elected Position 2. Election results will be certified at the May 2022 Washington State Conservation Commission meeting.

Supervisors are public officials and are responsible for setting and maintaining overall district policies regarding the management and conservation of natural resources within the District. The successful candidate serves as part of a volunteer five-person Board of Supervisors who each serve without compensation for three year terms. Eligible voters must be registered to vote in Thurston County and live within the Conservation District Boundaries. Some parts of Yelm, Rainier, and Tenino do not qualify. Please check the map below.

Election Resources

Additional information about Conservation District elections may be found on the WA State Conservation Commission’s website.

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 Thurston Conservation District Boundaries Map

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Have questions about our election process?
Check out our FAQ page.