Not sure where to get started? Have questions about your waterfront property? These guidance documents are designed to be helpful resources for waterfront residents when exploring options for planting, building, or maintaining their property.

Please reach out with additional questions or if you would like to schedule a 1:1 technical site visit to get site-specific recommendations, advice, and ideas.

Click on the image or link below to download and print these Technical Assistance Memos. 
Top 5 Recommendations for Waterfront Residents

Our friends at Shore Friendly Pierce have made some great educational videos illustrating the Top 5 Recommendations! Check them out-

  1. Keep your trees & trim for views
  2. Retain vegetation and “re-forest” your shoreline
  3. Manage your water
  4. Purchase/develop a new waterfront parcel with care
  5. Seek expert guidance

Additional Resources

Shore Friendly Living – Coastal Beaches & Bluffs

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