Thurston Conservation District has a team of highly trained and qualified individuals. Our staff are committed to offering their expertise in helping to address today’s natural resources issues.

(360) 754-3588
Sarah Moorehead

Interim Executive Director & Agricultural Outreach Specialist
ext. 136

>Board Meetings
>Rates & Charges
>Voluntary Stewardship Program
>Internships & Staffing
>Plans, Budgets, & Audits
Amy Hatch-Wineka

Lead Entity Coordinator & Deputy Director
ext. 103

>Salmon Recovery
>Deschutes Watershed Work Group
Susan Shelton

ext. 120

Heather Roskelley

Administrative Assistant
ext. 100

>Equipment Rental
Stephanie Bishop

South Sound G.R.E.E.N. Coordinator
ext. 108

>South Sound GREEN
Aeriel Wauhob

South Sound G.R.E.E.N. Watershed Educator AmeriCorps
ext. 102

>South Sound GREEN
Nora White

Education & Outreach Coordinator
ext. 105

>Clear Choices for Clean Water
>Annual Native Plant Festival
>South Sound FarmLink
>Board of Supervisors Elections
Rachel Nehemiah

AmeriCorps Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator
ext. 110

>Salmon Camp
>Work Parties
Nicole Warren

Natural Resource Technician
ext. 134

>Soil Testing
>Technical Assistance (Agricultural)
>Conservation Planning (Agricultural)
Kathleen Berger

Habitat Specialist
ext. 138

>Technical Assistance (Habitat)
>Conservation Planning (Habitat)
Mara Healy

Habitat Technician
ext. 125

>Technical Assistance (Habitat)
>Habitat Restoration & Protection