Did you know you can rent poultry processing equipment and hand tools from Thurston Conservation District? We offer low-cost rental of tools and processing units to all community members. This helps support local farmers and backyard producers to raise their own meat birds and manage their yards and landscapes.

TCD’s poultry processing equipment rental program remains open currently. The use of shared farm equipment by our community comes with the inherent risk of disease transmission. Additional sanitization procedures are required by renters and performed by TCD staff between reservations to help minimize the risk of transmission of the avian flu. This includes sanitizing processing equipment and the hauling trailer and tires. Renters who observe signs of disease in their flock are asked to cancel their reservation of the equipment to reduce the potential for spreading the avian flu virus. Program requirements and operations are subject to change.

We also rent nutrient-spreading equipment. Click here for information on those rentals.

Poultry Equipment & Tool Rental Procedure

  1. Fill out the form below to indicate which equipment you would like to use and what dates you are interested in using it. Please note, that renters pick up the equipment the day before their usage and hand it off the day after – please pick the days you intend to use the equipment.
  2. Within 3 business days, Emily Landrus, Natural Resource Specialist, will contact you directly to confirm the time and date. She will send you a confirmation email with this information.
  3. In the two weeks prior to your rental date you will receive a PayPal invoice. Once you pay the invoice you will receive an email with more information about the pick-up and drop-off process. You must pay your invoice in order to move forward with your rental.
  4. On the day of your reservation, please come to the TCD offices at the arranged time. A TCD Staff person will support you in picking up the equipment. Please expect to spend a couple of minutes going over safety, use, and biosecurity. 
    If renting Poultry Processing Equipment, you will need a 2-inch ball hitch and a 4-way flat-end electrical hookup.
  5. Once you receive the equipment, please clean it according to the bio-safety cleaning procedures that will have been sent to you and are provided in a binder with the equipment.
  6. For Poultry Processing Equipment, before using the equipment, please read the Damage Report in the equipment binder, showing all previous dings, scrapes, and damage.
  7. If there is new damage or the equipment is damaged while in your procession please send Emily an email (elandrus@thurstoncd.com) describing the damage. This may include sending photos. If no damage report is sent, TCD will assume there were no damages to report.
  8. If the equipment isn’t working please notify Emily immediately to arrange a repair. Do not proceed with using broken equipment or doing fixes yourself.
  9. When you are done using the equipment, please ensure you have cleaned the equipment thoroughly according to the bio-safety procedures before returning it. A cleaning fee will be charged if you do not.
  10. You can drop off the equipment at the TCD office at the agreed-upon time and date. If there are any changes to the time please notify Emily (360) 754-3588 ext.103 or elandrus@thurstoncd.com.

Available Equipment

Looking for our manure spreaders, drop, or spin spreaders? We’ve transitioned these pieces of equipment to be a part of our soil health program and the rental procedure has changed. You can find information about how to rent our spreaders here or contact Adam Peterson at apeterson@thurstoncd.com or (360) 754-3588 ext. 103.

Featherman Poultry Processing Equipment – 2 units

$30 per day of use


Equipment is transported in a small enclosed trailer and includes cones, kill tree, scalder, and plucker. We have cones appropriate for processing chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks. You provide the propane. Requires 2 people to carry due to bulk and weight. The trailer hitch is a 2″ ball and it’s light enough to be hauled by most sedans. 

New to processing poultry? Check out these step-by-step videos and learn how to set up, use, and eviscerate your birds!

Shoulder Broadcast Spreader

$5 per use – Up to 1-week rental

This lightweight seed spreader can be carried over your shoulder. This is ideal for backyard gardeners who want to seed, fertilize, or amend a small patch of land. It comes with an adjustable spread flow control so you can use it on different size seeds. The bag can hold up to 25 lbs.

Weed Wrench

$5 per use – Up to 1-week rental

The Weed Wrench is an easy-to-use tool for removing unwanted woody plants on your property. In our area, it is mostly used for Scotch Broom removal. We have four available. Rental fee waived for partner and non-profit restoration projects.

Shovels & Pruners

$5 per use – Up to 1-week rental


Have a large job and need several shovels and/or pruners to do the work? TCD can help! We have several of each to help out with those bigger projects. Multiple quantities can be rented.

Interested in learning more about our equipment rental program?

Emily Landrus
Natural Resource Specialist

You can also use our contact form.