Watershed Right Inventory Area (WRIA) 13 watershed description:

Totten-Little Skookum Watershed

Outline of Totten Inlet Watershed


Draining to Totten Inlet includes Kennedy Creek, Schneider Creek, Summit Lake, and various unnamed tributaries. Kennedy Creek basin has a drainage area of 17.76 square miles. Approximately 9.6 miles long, this is by far the largest tributary to Totten Inlet. The creek originates in the Black Hills and descends gradually to lowlands. With the exception of a series of falls, cascades, and log jams at river mile 2.5, the rest of the creek is rather gentle in slope. Almost half of the watershed is used for forestry. Much of the rest is undeveloped. The Green Diamond timberland on Kennedy Creek extends from the public fish viewing area (about a mile upstream of the mouth of Kennedy Creek) to just below the mouth of the tributary that drains Summit Lake into Kennedy Creek.