Our Mission

Thurston Conservation District, a non-regulatory agency, strives to conserve and sustain the beneficial use and protection of local natural resources through partnerships with the County’s rural, agricultural, and urban communities, as well as local, state, federal, and tribal agencies.

Thurston Conservation District promotes non-regulatory and voluntary stewardship among private landowners in Thurston County. Our services are free to the residents of our County. We are committed to finding any possible resources we can and coordinate them so that they meet the needs of the local land-user for conservation of soil, water and related resources.

Your Thurston Conservation District has been around since 1947. Conservation Districts are legal subdivisions of state government that administer programs to conserve natural resources. Each District is self-governed by volunteers who establish priorities and set policy. Conservation Districts exist in practically every county throughout the United States.

For a more in-depth look at Thurston Conservation District’s mission, priorities and goals, view our 2017-2022 Strategic Plan.

Our District is supported by the Washington Association of Conservation Districts, Washington State Conservation Commission, and the National Association of Conservation Districts.



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