TCD staff at the 2022 spring plant festival
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Our proposed system of rates and charges public funding is the linchpin for Thurston CD to deliver conservation services at a county-wide scale, and we need your support to see that continue! Learn about rates and charges and how to make your voice heard.

The Thurston Conservation District (TCD) worked with a consultant to conduct a feasibility study as we search for the site or property to accommodate our new Conservation and Education Center in Thurston County.

Find a full copy of the feasibility study report here.

Description of Work: As part of its five-year Strategic Plan, TCD has committed to locate and engage in securing land by 2024 for the development of its Conservation Education Center. The District wants to know about property available for sale, leasing to own, or lease for the development of a Conservation & Education Center (CEC) to be located in Thurston County.

TCD is a local non-regulatory subdivision of state government, which matches local natural resource concerns and needs with applicable technical assistance and financial resources to solve on-the-ground conservation issues with proven effective conservation practices.

The District plans to use the site to support community members, including urban and backyard farmers, commercial farmers and ranchers, and other landscape stewards with education and resources to manage local farmland, agricultural businesses, wildlife habitat,  shorelines, and other natural features. Our CEC will be a ‘conservation hub’ for residents of all ages and our community partners alike.

Property Requirements

  • Located in Thurston County.
  • 5-10 or more acres – depending on the landscape features of the site.
  • Must accommodate a ‘Conservation Hub’ facility of at least 14,000 SF.

Ideal Location

  • Adjacent to working farms, including those with small gardens, row crops, livestock, or working forests.
  • Located within or adjacent to the Urban Growth Areas of Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater.
  • Accessible by various public transportation methods and/or close to I-5.

Find a full copy of the feasibility study related to finding our new home here.

Do you know of a property that meets these requirements or might be a good fit for our new home? Let us know!

Contact Susan Shelton, Finance and Administration Manager at (360) 742-2313 or at

Our Mission

The mission of Thurston Conservation District is to educate and assist the citizens of Thurston County in the management of natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations, inspiring voluntary, incentive-based conservation practices.

Our Vision

  • A culture of voluntary stewardship of our natural resources built through relationships with
    individuals, organizations, and governments.
  • A resilient community responding to a changing climate.
  • People of Thurston County enjoy healthy soils, water, air, and ecosystems.
  • Sustainable community-based conservation and restoration of natural resources.
  • Prosperous and sustainable working lands.
  • Sustainable and consistent funding to achieve our mission.

Thurston Conservation District promotes non-regulatory and voluntary stewardship among private landowners in Thurston County. Our services are free to the residents of our County. We are committed to finding any possible resources we can and coordinate them so that they meet the needs of the local land-user for conservation of soil, water, and related resources.

Your Thurston Conservation District has been around since 1948. Conservation Districts are legal subdivisions of state government that administer programs to conserve natural resources. Each District is self-governed by volunteers who establish priorities and set policy. Conservation Districts exist in practically every county throughout the United States.

For a more in-depth look at Thurston Conservation District’s mission, priorities and goals, view our 2017-2022 Strategic Plan.

Our District is supported by the Washington Association of Conservation Districts, Washington State Conservation Commission, and the National Association of Conservation Districts.


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TCD staff at the 2022 spring plant festival

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