How may we help you?

Soil Testing: We provide basic soil nutrient testing services to Thurston County residents. Samples are sent to a certified lab for the following tests: *pH – soil and buffered, Nitrate, Phosphate, Extractable cations (Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium), Organic matter and Cation exchange capacity. We also give you a written recommendation with the results.

Native Plant Sale: In early spring each year the District holds a native plant sale. We provide diverse conservation grade plants at affordable prices to the public.

Habitat Restoration: We work with private landowners, state and federal agencies as well as Tribal and other local conservation groups to restore, enhance and improve habitats of almost any size. For more information about our Habitat Restoration program, please contact Mike Kuttel Jr. or Adam Sant at (360)754-3588.

Site visits by TCD technicians: We are happy to assist you with plant identification, noxious weed treatment recommendations, native plant designs for backyards, planting plans to attract wildlife and create buffers, composting techniques and guidance, water quality monitoring, GIS/GPS mapping, and culvert analysis.

Equipment Check Out: Use of equipment is free of charge for Thurston County residents. We have available many shovels and pruners for large jobs, a ground-driven manure spreader, spin spreader, a back-pack sprayer, and the very handy Weed Wrench©.