Thurston Conservation District has updated our spreader rental process. This new process is better for soil and water quality. This process also gives you more specific guidance. By paying attention to rainfall, soil moisture, soil temperature, and plant growth you will have the maximum benefit from spreading including the best plant yields, vigor, and quality!

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Spreader Rental Procedure

  1. Request a reservation with the online form below.
    Please note: This is only a request for a reservation, not a confirmation.

  1. If your requested reservation time is available, you will get a confirmation email. If it is not available, we will contact you to arrange an alternative date.
  2. One week prior to your rental:
    • You will receive an electronic invoice before your rental. Payment is required 4 days before pick-up.
    • You will receive an e-mail from us with additional information about your reservation
    • We will reach out by telephone to schedule the pick-up and drop-off times.
  3. Before your pick-up date, you will receive an e-mail with the weather forecast for your rental period. We do not recommend spreading if the weather forecast shows moderate rainfall after you plan to spread- moderate rainfall is at least 0.25” of total rainfall for the three days. While it is okay to spread after moderate rainfall, spreading before this amount of rain can decrease the effectiveness of spreading and cause harmful runoff into water bodies. The Manure Spreader Advisory Tool is a helpful interactive map that shows the forecasted rainfall over the next 72-hours (3 days).
  4. On the day of your reservation, arrive at Thurston Conservation District’s office at the set pick-up time.
  5. Upon arrival, you will get a binder with information on use of the spreader. You will work with a TCD staff member to document any existing damage on the spreader in the Damage Log. This form is located in the binder. Once you receive the spreader, please clean it according to the Bio-Safety Procedure. A copy of this procedure is also provided in the binder that accompanies the spreader.
  6. If the spreader has damage that prevents its use, or if it’s damaged during use, please let us know as soon as you can, either by email ( or by phone (360-754-3588 ext. 103). Do not proceed with fixing the equipment or continue use if it is broken.
  7. Before you return the spreader, please clean it again according to the Bio-Safety Procedure. A copy of this procedure is also in the binder.
  8. On the last day of your reservation, drop the equipment off at the Thurston Conservation District Office at the pre-arranged time so it is ready for the next renter. You may drop the spreader off early, as long as you have made arrangements with a staff member when the TCD office is open.

TCD’s spreader rental program remains open currently. The use of shared farm equipment by our community comes with the inherent risk of disease transmission. Additional sanitization procedures are required by renters and performed by TCD staff between reservations to help minimize the risk of transmission of the avian flu. This includes sanitizing spreaders and the hauling trailer and tires. We encourage all renters, particularly those who plan to use the manure spreaders for spreading poultry litter or manure, to carefully follow our biosafety procedures.

Program requirements and operations are subject to change.

For any questions, please contact Adam Peterson at

Spreaders Available for Rent

Drop Spreader

$25 per use 

drop spreader

The drop spreader is available March through October and is primarily used for spreading powdered lime. Capacity is approximately 400 lbs. and spread width is just over 4 feet. It is small enough to be pulled by a garden tractor or quad.  It has a slow-moving vehicle emblem and can legally be towed down the road, but it must be driven at speeds under 45mph.



Small Ground-Driven Manure Spreader 

$50 per use 

The capacity is 18 cubic feet. The manure spreader can be pulled by a lawn tractor with at least 13 hp. A quad, tractor, or vehicle will work as well. Requires a pin-hitch. It is transported on a trailer, which we provide.
Available for rental April – October.


New to using the manure spreader? Check out this instructional video.

Guidance Documents

Questions about renting spreaders?

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Senior Natural Resource Specialist

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