As a waterfront landowner, you have a special connection to the Puget Sound.

Thurston Conservation District’s Shore Friendly Thurston program is designed to connect waterfront homeowners of Thurston County with the technical support and resources to make informed, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly decisions about their shorelines.

We offer free, non-regulatory site visits and assessments to help you identify problems or opportunities specific to your stretch of the shoreline. Our goal is to give you the tools to make the best decisions for your shoreline.

Waterfront Resources

Plants for your Waterfront
Waterfront Guidance Resources
Options for Bulkhead Properties
Options for Natural Shorelines

You can also check out our Stewardship Resources for shoreline-specific guides and publications.

Learn more about Shore Friendly Programs

Thurston Conservation District collaborates with a number of other Puget Sound Conservation Districts and local jurisdictions to help grow the impact of our collective shoreline actions. Check out this video about the Shore Friendly program to learn more!

Video created by Shore Friendly Kitsap with Transect Films.

Shore Friendly Living, Episode 6: Trees & Views

Video created by the Northwest Straits Foundation with Cokeefe Content Productions

Other Shore Friendly Living Videos:

Check out Thurston CD’s podcast Conservation Starters. The two episodes linked below take a deep dive into the Shore Friendly program.



Interested in learning more about Shore Friendly Thurston?

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Conservation Program Manager

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