Felix Finkbeiner (pictured above) was nine years old when he started a campaign to fight climate change through planting trees.  Since that time, thousands of students have learned about climate change and how they can make a difference through Plant for the Planet academies around the globe.  Thanks to Plant for the Planet, billions of trees have been planted already, and another 1,000 billion trees are planned to go in the ground by 2020!

Plant for the Planet Academy is for students ages 8-14 who care about the planet and are interested in taking action to protect it.  This FREE full day workshop will explain the science behind climate change, include team building games and workshops and ultimately prepare students to become climate ambassadors.  All participants will receive a free t-shirt, lunch and snacks throughout the day!

For more information about Plant for the Planet, visit plant-for-the-planet.org.  For more information about how you can be involved locally.
Contact Stephanie Bishop at (360)754-3588, ext. 108 or sbishop@thurstoncd.com.