These Pacific Northwest native plants include species that: are tolerant of salt spray, provide food and shelter to local wildlife, and help stabilize slopes. Please remember that this is a general reference list; not all of these species will thrive on every site because local waterfront conditions vary. Study nearby undisturbed properties for guidance – which plants are thriving? If you purchase plants, order them using their botanical name (italicized, in parenthesis) because common names vary. Happy planting!

For a printable list of all recommended species, click here.

Many of our recommended shore friendly plants are sold at our Annual Native Plant Festival & Sale.

Thurston Conservation District collaborates with a number of other Puget Sound Conservation Districts and local jurisdictions to help grow the impact of our collective shoreline actions. Check out this video to learn more about the importance of plants along your shoreline!

Large Trees

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Small Trees/Large Shrubs

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Medium/Small Shrubs

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Ground Covers

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Upper Beach & Backshore Plants

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