Thurston Conservation District has developed an updated spreader rental process in 2021 that better addresses soil and water resource concerns and provides more site-specific technical assistance to our community members. By paying attention to seasonal rainfall, soil moisture, soil temperature, and plant growth you will have the maximum benefit to your crop or pasture fields. Appropriately timed manure and fertilizer applications will give you the best plant yields, vigor, and quality!

For more information about the seasonal and climatic factors that influence spreading nutrients, click here.

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Spreader Rental Procedure

  1. Call Leah Kellogg (Administrative Assistant) at 360-754-3588 ext.100 or 360-742-2217 (cell) to check spreader availability and get a reservation period confirmed. You may be put on a wait list if there are no more rental periods available for the season.
    Please note, our rental of spreading equipment is now based on climatic and seasonal factors. To learn about why this is important and most beneficial, please check out this document.
    Rental periods are half a week and renters may line up more than one period in a row if necessary.
  2. You will be sent a web form via email that will ask you a series of questions and have you agree to the Terms and Conditions of use. Submission of this form and agreement to Terms and Conditions secures your reservation.
  3. You will receive an electronic invoice prior to your rental. Payment is required prior to rental.
  4. You will receive instructions on transfer of equipment. You will either be picking-up directly from a previous renter or from our storage site in Rochester, WA.
  5. The morning of your first rental day you will receive technical guidance from one of our Resource Technicians, Adam Peterson, regarding weather and spreading conditions for your specific rental period.
  6. Before assuming possession of the equipment, please fill out a Damage Report showing all previous dings, scrapes and damage with anything not previously noted. The Damage Report is included in the equipment binder.
  7. Send Damage Report Form to Leah prior to using the equipment. This may include sending photos. If no damage report is sent, TCD will assume there were no damages to report. Report may be sent by phone or email – or 360-742-2217 (cell)
  8. Once you receive the equipment, please clean it according to the bio-safety cleaning procedures that will have been sent to you and are provided in a binder with the equipment.
  9. You will need to arrange the transfer of equipment with the next renter. Please ensure you have cleaned the equipment thoroughly according to the Bio Safety Procedure before handing off. A cleaning fee may be charged if you do not.
  10. Call Leah and confirm you have transferred the equipment to the next renter – (360) 754-3588 ext.100 or 360-742-2217 (cell). If the equipment is not transferred to another renter within 7 days of your rental, you are responsible for returning the equipment to our storage facility in Rochester, WA.

Spreaders Available for Rent

Spin Spreader

$25 per use 

spin spreeder

Spin spreader currently out for repairs.
This spin spreader is available year-round. Capacity is approximately 350 lbs. It requires a tractor with a PTO hitch. It can be used to spread commercial fertilizer or pril lime (no manure).



Drop Spreader

$25 per use 

drop spreader

The drop spreader is available year-round and primarily used for spreading powdered lime. Capacity is approximately 400 lbs. and spread width is just over 4 feet. It is small enough to be pulled by a garden tractor or quad.  It has a slow moving vehicle emblem and can legally be towed down the road, but it must be driven at speeds under 45mph.



Medium Ground-Driven Manure Spreader 

$50 per use 

Capacity is 18 cubic feet. The manure spreader can be pulled by a lawn tractor with at least 13 hp. A quad, tractor, or vehicle will work as well. Requires a pin-hitch. It is transported on a trailer, which we provide.


Large Ground-Driven Manure Spreader

$50 per use 

manure spreader

Capacity is 25 cubic feet. Can be pulled by a tractor, vehicle, or heavy duty quad or lawn mower. Requires a pin-hitch. It is transported on a trailer, which we provide.



New to using the manure spreader? Check out this instructional video.

Guidance Documents

Questions about renting spreaders?

Leah Kellogg
Administrative Assistant
(360)754-3588 ext. 100
(360) 742-2217 (cell)

You can also use our contact form.