Here at Thurston Conservation District we have our boots on the ground throughout Thurston County, and we listen to the needs of our community members. The landowners and land managers we work with consistently share with our team that funding is one of the largest obstacles for managing their soil and water resources, as well as a major obstacle for starting a farm operation and keeping it financially viable. One way Thurston CD serves our community is to offset these high costs with an equipment rental program. Check out the equipment and low rental rates we are able to offer in your community!


Leah Kellogg
Administrative Assistant
(360)754-3588, ext. 100

Please Note

  • TCD does not accept cards. Payment must be in cash or check.
  • Equipment is picked up and dropped off Monday – Friday; Thurston CD is not open on the weekends. Equipment is dropped off from 8am – 12pm; Equipment is picked up from 12pm – 4:15pm.
  • You cannot make a reservation for more than 90 days out.
  • Please remember that folks throughout our District depend on this equipment. Take good care of equipment when it is your turn to use it, and return equipment in clean and working condition.Thank you!

Equipment Rental Program Currently Suspended- resuming in June 2019

Spin Spreader
$25 per use – Up to 1 week rental

This spin spreader is available year-round. Capacity is approximately 350 lbs. It requires a tractor with a PTO hitch. It can be used to spread commercial fertilizer (no manure). 



Lime Spreader
$25 per use – Up to 1 week rental

The drop spreader is available year-round, but lime application has the most benefit when applied in the fall. Capacity is approximately 400 lbs. and spread width is just over 4 feet. It is small enough to be pulled by a garden tractor or quad.  It has a slow moving vehicle emblem and can legally be towed down the road, but it must be driven at speeds under 45mph.



Featherman Poultry Processing Equipment
$30 per day of use

Equipment includes cones, kill tree, scalder, and plucker. We have cones appropriate for processing chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks. You provide the propane. Requires 2 people to carry due to bulk and weight.

New to processing poultry? Checkout these step-by-step videos and learn how to setup, use and eviscerate your birds!

Ground-Driven Manure Spreader
$50 per use – Up to 1 week rental

The manure spreader is available March 1st – October 31st. Capacity is 18 cubic feet. The manure spreader can be pulled by a lawn tractor with at least 13 hp. A quad or pick up truck will work as well. It is transported on a trailer, which we provide.

PLEASE NOTE, WE ARE NOT RENTING OUR OUR MANURE SPREADER AT THIS TIME. We have purchased a new piece of equipment and it will be available for rental in Fall 2019.

Weed Wrench
$5 per use – Up to 1 week rental

The Weed Wrench is an easy-to-use tool for removing unwanted woody plants on your property. In our area it is mostly used for Scotch Broom removal. We have two available. Rental fee waived for partner and non-profit restoration projects.



Shovels & Pruners
$5 per use – Up to 1 week rental

Have a large job and need several shovels and/or pruners to do the work? TCD can help! We have several of each to help out with those bigger projects. Multiple quantities can be rented.