Thank you for another wonderful & successful Native Plant Festival in 2017.

Please join us again next year! Pre-order season will begin in October 2017 and the 2018 event will be Saturday, March 3rd, 2018.

Questions about our annual event, pre-orders, or interested in volunteering at the Native Plant Festival? Call us today (360)754-3588 ext. 105 or e-mail 

Annual Native Plant Sale Reminders

Tired of missing pre-order season? Called to ask about plants, just to find out the spring Native Plant Festival JUST happened? Had fun at the Festival but could not get exactly the plants you wanted?  SIGN UP TODAY TO GET REMINDERS!

What you are signing up for: 4-6 mailers and emails from Sept-Feb. We will send out Save-the-Date for the pre-order season, reminders as pre-orders draw to a close, and a Save-the-Date and Schedule of Festivities for the Native Plant Festival.