• Why is your election different than normal county elections? Our Elections processes are dictated by our governing law (RCW Chapter 89.08) and the procedures established by the Washington State Conservation Commission: “When created in 1939, the Commission was also given the responsibility for establishing District election procedures. “The Commission shall establish procedures for elections, canvass the returns and announce the official results thereof.” RCW Chapter 89.08.190. Because District election authority resides in RCW Chapter 89.08, this sets them apart from other divisions of government whose elections are governed by RCW Chapter 29A. District elections do not fall under the state statute for general elections (Title 29A RCW) unless specifically identified in the Conservation Commission statute. In fact, RCW 29A.04.330(1)(b) specifically exempts conservation districts from general and special elections requirements, relying instead of election procedures established by the Conservation Commission.” Please check out this flyer for more details. If you have concerns or feedback, the Commission has a feedback form on their website http://scc.wa.gov/elections-and-appointments/
  • There are three vacancies on your Board, how are they all being filled? All 2019 application or election opportunities for recent vacancies have closed. See below for details.
  1. Elected position #2 – Filled via regular election process for a 2019 – 2022 term
    Voting has concluded. Preliminary results available here.
    Questions? Contact Nora White, Election Supervisor nwhite@thurstoncd.com or 360-754-3588 ext. 105
  2. Mid-term Vacancy of Elected Position #3 – Filled via an application and appointment process by Thurston CD’s existing Board for 2019 – 2020 term
    Application and appointment process concluded- David Iyall appointed.
    Questions? Contact Sarah Moorehead, Interim Executive Director smoorehead@thurstoncd.com or 360-754-3588 ext.136
  3. Appointed Position #2 – Filled via and application process by the Washington State Conservation Commission for a 2019 – 2022 term
    Application period has closed. Appointment will be announced the third week of May.
    Questions? Contact Bill Eller at the WA State Conservation Commission, beller@scc.wa.gov
  • When will the results of the election be announced? Preliminary election results are in! Thomas “TJ” Johnson is the unofficial winner of our 2019 election. Election results will be certified by the Washington State Conservation Commission at their May meeting.