Our Mission

Thurston Conservation District, a non-regulatory agency, strives to conserve and sustain the beneficial use and protection of local natural resources through partnerships with the County’s rural, agricultural, and urban communities, as well as local, state, federal, and tribal agencies.

What are Conservation Districts?

Conservation Districts are legal subdivisions of state government that administer programs to conserve natural resources. Each District is self-governed by volunteer community stakeholders who establish priorities and set policy. Districts exist in practically every county throughout the United States.  We work collaboratively with landowners to preserve soil health and water quality.

The Thurston Conservation District promotes voluntary stewardship among private landowners in Thurston County. Our services are free to the residents of our County. We are committed to finding available resources and coordinating them in a way that they meet the needs of our local community.


Native Plant Pre-Orders Open

Thurston CD holds our Annual Native Plant Festival the first Saturday in March each year. This year our event will be March 3rd. You can pre-order your plants and they will be available for pick up March 1st and 2nd and at the event on March 3rd! Pre-orders are open through January 31st, 2018.


For Immediate Release:

Thurston CD Board of Supervisors Set Election Dates

Thurston Conservation District Board of Supervisors adopted TCD Resolution #12-2017 at their December Board meeting formalizing the dates and times of the 2018 Thurston CD Board of Supervisor election. For more information, visit our Board Member Elections page. For more information, contact Election Supervisor, Nora White nwhite@thurstoncd.com or 360-754-3588 ext. 105.


January 30, 2017 Work Session & Monthly Board Meeting Announced

Thurston Conservation District Board and Staff will hold a Work Session on January 30th (1-2pm) to prepare for the January 30th Monthly Board meeting (2-5pm). Both meetings will be held at the TCD Office. For more information please contact Interim Executive Director Sarah Moorehead, at 360.754.3588 or smoorehead@thurstoncd.com.