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Thurston Conservation District

 Join Us for our 2015 Native Plant Sale Festival!

March 7th (10am-3pm) @ TCD!

Click HERE for a schedule of workshops designed for all ages!


Thurston Conservation District Mission


To conserve, sustain, and protect our natural resources for the people of Thurston County through: rural and urban partnerships, fostering volunteerism, cooperation, education, leadership, and technical and financial assistance.


Our Vision


To create healthy, functioning ecosystems in Thurston County through advocacy, education and technical assistance efforts; thereby empowering every citizen of Thurston County to be a steward of the environment.

The Thurston Conservation District promotes voluntary stewardship among private landowners in Thurston County. Our services are free to the residents of our County. We are committed to finding available resources and coordinating them in a way that they meet the needs of our local community.


As we move into the coming months and years, we realize that large agricultural land-holding are becoming threatened by growth in Thurston County. As a result, we are committed to adjusting to the needs of our urban community needs as well as preserving our precious local farmland.

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