A climate conscious community that is knowledgeable about global climate change issues and the actions necessary to instill positive local change.


To increase climate literacy by providing a clearinghouse of climate change resources that educate residents on what they need to know about Earth’s changing climate and what they can do in their everyday lives to make sustainable choices. We want to centralize the Thurston County climate change information resources to one site location for easy use and access.


The Thurston Conservation District (TCD) is a local, non-profit organization that provides programs, education and incentives to citizens within Thurston County to encourage greater conservation efforts on a local level. The TCD works with landowners, farmers, schools, and community members in an effort to conserve natural resources.

By partnering with the Thurston Climate Action Team , Thurston Conservation District hopes to provide our local public, communities and organizations with local resources. Climate Corner will provide a resource-based site, while Thurston Climate Action Team will provide content-based material. Together, the two make perfect complementary resources for the public.

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