Resource Technician

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Nicole grew up in rural Connecticut surrounded by dairy farms for most of her childhood. Although she did not grow up on a farm, she developed a strong interest in environmental issues and supporting small farms. Nicole started working on farms at 19 and continued to find her place in local agriculture ever sense.

Nicole spent several years working on a variety of pasture-based livestock farms and farmstead creameries in the Pacific Northwest and in New England before and after college. She has experience making cheese and sauerkraut on a large production scale. Working for a variety of small farms and businesses allowed her the opportunity to be a part of many aspects of the business – from managing the animals, to marketing and distribution, to performing accounting in the office. She has done a little bit of everything to get to where she is now.

During that time, she taught environmental education programs and hosted workshops both on the farms and in her own time. Nicole earned her BA in Agricultural Sciences at The Evergreen State College. She focused on soil science, grasslands management, food systems, and ecology. Nicole is also a certified nutritional therapy practitioner and received her certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association.

At the district, Nicole manages our Soil Testing Program, where she helps landowners interpret their soil test results and provides site-specific management recommendations. Through technical assistance, farm planning, and teaching workshops, Nicole assists community members to implement conservation practices that support their farm operation or homestead.

Nicole spends a lot of time as a dog mom taking care of her puppy Sorrel. You may have received a warm greeting from him at the office. Nicole is a beginning hunter and is teaching her dog how to upland game hunt. Outside of work, Nicole spends a lot of time hiking in the Cascades and gardening. Nicole has a small soap and candle making business that she views as one of her big creative outlets.