Resource Specialist

(360) 754-3588, ext. 138

James Weatherford is a Resource Specialist. He joined TCD in spring 2004 as an Intern from The Evergreen State College and was later hired as a Project Assistant in June 2004 until he became a permanent Resource Technician in January 2005. He was promoted to Resource Specialist in January 2006.

James graduated from Centralia College in 2003 with an Associate’s Degree with environmental sciences/natural resources focus. In 2005 he received a BA in Environmental Studies from The Evergreen State College. He is an American Society of Agronomy Certified Crop Advisor and holds several other professional certifications, including Certified Conservation Planner by the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS). Additionally, James is a licensed Public Pesticide Consultant. His professional organization memberships include the American Society of Agronomy, Planning Association of Washington (PAW), and the Washington State chapter of the American Planning Association (Environment, Natural Resources and Energy Division). He is also a former Adams County Planning Commissioner.

He performs a variety of duties at TCD, including serving as a member of the TCD Ag Team assisting small to large farmers and ranchers with natural resource conservation practices, soil testing and nutrient management, cropping and planting systems as well as animal management and developing conservation plans. He also works extensively with small landowners in rural residential and urban areas assisting with conservation practices to manage stormwater and conservation planning.

James serves as co-chair of the statewide WACD Technical Employees Work Group which has for the past 7 years worked to create a Conservation Planning Professional Certification program for Conservation Planners in Washington State.

James grew up on a ranch in north central Oregon and has an extensive background as an Ag Professional in large commercial agriculture in Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington. He currently grows wheat in both north central Oregon and western Washington, as well as some market cattle.