There’s a lot to know about owning and managing land. This booklet will give you lots of information and ideas for a place that you can be proud to own.  We’re all part of a watershed and our actions can affect others. The things that you and your neighbors do can greatly improve the health of the resources we all appreciate about Puget Sound.

Crops & Forestry

Home Vegetable Gardening in Washington – Planting a vegetable garden can supply you, your family, and your community with an abundance of fresh, healthy vegetables throughout the season. When properly done, gardening can also beautify your landscape, protect water quality, and conserve natural resources.

Forest Stewardship Program – This publication explains the Thurston-Grays Harbor Conservation District Forest Stewardship Program, which is a Voluntary, Free, No Obligation program offered to Private Non-Industrial Forest Landowners of any acreage in Grays Harbor County and the surrounding western Washington area.

Forestry Contacts, Organizations and Programs – This publication explains some of the programs and resources available to assist landowners with small forest lands.

Available by contacting our office. This publication discusses what to expect in the rural setting and the resources available to those living in these areas. It is specifically geared to landowners who are experiencing rural living for the first time.

Habitat Restoration & Enhancements

Cats and Wildlife – This publication discusses the impacts of domestic cats on wildlife.

Wetlands in Thurston County – This publication explains what a wetland is, their function and the threats to them. It is discusses four large wetland areas in the county.

Amphibians in the Pacific Northwest – This publication discusses why amphibians are important in our area and identifies some of the most common amphibians found here. There are also some tips on what you can do to help preserve them.

Landscaping for Wildlife – This brochure discusses habitat, and why careful landscaping is important for wildlife. It identifies some of the types of wildlife you may see in our area, and includes some ideas to create and/or improve habitat for wildlife on your property.

Plant It Right – This publication discusses the proper way to plant bareroot, stakes and plugs for best success.

Livestock Management

Roof Water Diversion – This publication discusses methods of managing runoff.

Small Farm Management Schedule – This publication is a handy 12-month management schedule for your farm.

My Manure Pile is a Mountain – This publication discusses spreading manure.

How to Use and Compost Your Horse Manure– This publication discusses how to compost and use horse manure.

Water Quality

Puget Sound Coastal Living – This publication is geared toward residents along our Puget Sound shorelines. Get to know your shoreline and find resources to help you learn more about how to care for you shoreline property.

Your Role in Deschutes Watershed Water Quality Improvement– If you live in the Deschutes, this publication is for you!


Rural Living in Thurston County – This is an introductory handbook of contacts, services, and responsibilities that are relevant to rural landowners.

Thurston Conservation District– This publication outlines our programs and services we provide.