These farms, arranged alphabetically, are offering locally raised meat.
Check out their products and get in touch to order!


Armstrong Zita Ranch

EJ Zita & Nancy Armstrong
(360) 628-6969

Organically grown pasture raised beef. Quarter shares custom wrapped. Direct delivery available.
Contact to set up.

Blacksmith Farms

The Thomsen Family
@BlackSmithFarms on FB
(360) 491-3119

Hormone and antibiotic free beef and pork. Purchase as whole or half animal amounts. Contact farm for direct sales information.

Bone Dry Ridge

Selma Bjarnadottir

Whole or half shares of beef, pork, and lamb available seasonally. Contact to be put on mailing list.

Cadillac Ranch

Bob Mahan

Grain finished beef
Quarter, half, or whole custom wrapped available from the farm or for retail at Delmonico’s Heritage Butcher in Olympia.

Chehalis Valley Farm

John Hagara

Pasture-raised poultry and forest-raised pork. Antibiotic and added-hormone free. Supplemented with Washington-sourced, non-GMO, corn and soy free grains. Easy online ordering for no-contact home delivery (Olympia, Rochester, Tacoma and surrounding areas) and quick pickup at the Olympia Farmers Market and Tacoma Proctor Farmers Market. On-farm pickup is also available.

Colvin Ranch

Fred & Katherine Colvin
(360) 264-2890
(360) 239-8862

Pasture raised beef & pork.
Shop through their online store or buy from the Olympia Food Co-Op, Spud’s Produce Market, Farm Fresh Market, or the Tacoma Proctor Farmer’s Market
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G&H Pastured Poultry

Terry Gentry & Joan Hurst

Whole pasture raised chicken sold fresh or frozen. Custom cuts and organ meat available as well.

Hama Hama Oysters

Order fresh oysters and clams online! Delivered by FedEx with free shipping to Washington and Oregon residents.

Hercules Farm

Faith, Off, & Nora

Pasture raised and organically grown turkey – reserve for Fall 2020 through website.
Seasonally available pasture raised lamb whole, half, and quarter shares – email for information.

Hidden River Farms

Evan Mulvaney & Lucia Wyss

Pasture raised pork. Whole and half shares available. Contact to buy.

Kirsop Farm

Colin Barricklow & Genine Bradwin

Pasture raised and custom-processed pork & lamb. Sign up for whole or half shares on website.
Whole chickens and chicken bone broth available at the Olympia Farmers Market and Olympia Food Co-Op.

Larson Livestock

Gerry & Ashley Larson
@LarsonLivestock&Service on FB


Lamb and Beef- 30 lambs and up to 15 finished calves a year. Contact to order directly.

Moir Country
Adam & Greg Moir
(360) 748-4517

Pastured chicken & turkey
Goat meat, pork, and beef available in whole or half shares.
Pork and beef available as USDA certified individual packages as well.Buy directly from the farm.

Nelson Ranch

The Nelson Family

Quarter, half, or whole shares of pasture raised beef- custom cut and wrap. Order on website.

kune kune pig
Our Perfect Farm

Brett & Shaun Houghton

Pasture raised turkey, duck, quail, guinea, and goose. Contact us to be added to our mailing list or to reserve a bird for late summer or fall of 2021! We provide no-contact home delivery (along the I-5 corridor from Portland to Everett) or on farm pickup. Seasonally available whole or half shares of pork available seasonally. Our next pork harvest will be in
April Contact us to be put on our mailing list or for more information.

Rainier Valley Wagyu

Joe Hanna
@RainierValleyWagyu on FB

Whole, half, and quarter shares of Wagyu beef. Contact directly to purchase.

Riverbend Ranch

Kevin & Krystal Jensen

Grass fed and finished beef and natural pasture pork. Direct sales from the farm to your fork in whole, half, and quarter portions.

Silverwell Farm

Jen Witherspoon, Carlin Briner, & Jess Silver

Pasture raised chicken & pork
Grass-fed lamb
Custom cut and wrap on pork and lamb. Whole chickens available.Order on their website.

Stokesberry Sustainable Farm LLC

Jerry & Janelle Stokesberry

Certified Organic chicken and duck.
Whole chickens or cuts available. Delivery or pick-up. Check out website for information.
Broiler chicks available as well.

Vail View Farms

Fred & Heather Delaney

Contact to pre-order pork available for pick-up March 2021.

Zion Beef

Eric Robb

Organically grown, grass-fed beef.
Custom cut and wrap quarter,half, or whole. Order and arrange pick-up by contacting farm.






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