Collective Bargaining Agreement

Thurston Conservation District Staff have Unionized under Council 28 WFSCME as of 2020

TCD/WFSE 2020-21 Collective Bargaining Agreement

Strategic & Annual Plans

Thurston Conservation District’s Board of Supervisors creates a 5-Year Strategic Plan that prioritizes natural resource management issues and landowner needs in our District’s communities.  From the strategic priorities outlined in this long-term plan, the Board of Supervisor’s creates an Annual Plan that outlines activities to address these strategic priorities and respond to landowner needs

2021 Annual Plan

2020 Annual Plan

2020-2025 Strategic Plan

2019 Annual Plan

2018 Annual Plan

2017-2022 TCD Strategic Plan

2017 Annual Plan

2016 Annual Plan

2015 Annual Plan

Annual Budgets

Thurston Conservation District’s Board of Supervisors oversee Staff in the development of an Annual Budget, which further outlines how the organization’s income (from a diverse combination of public and private funding sources) and expenditures are utilized to implement Thurston Conservation District’s Annual Plan. 

2020 Annual Budget

2019 Annual Budget – Amended Mid-Year

18 Annual Budget

2017 Annual Budget

2016 Annual Budget

2015 Annual Budget


The Washington State Auditor’s Office regularly conducts accountability and financial audits to ensure appropriate use of public funds.  Thurston Conservation District Board & Staff pride ourselves in the services we provide to our communities in exchange for the public funds that support a portion of our programs, and we are excited to report our audits have yielded no formal findings for over 15 years!

2007-2009 SAO Audit Report

2010-2011 SAO Audit Report

*2012-2013 – No Formal Audit Conducted; Internal controls, Accountability, & Compliance were assessed by the SAO*

2014 SAO Audit Report

2015-2018 SAO Audit Report

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