We have one declared candidate for the 2021 Board of Supervisors Position 1 election. Please see below for a candidate statement and photo.

Helen Wheatley

The Thurston Conservation District is an indispensable resource for county residents.  I am committed to ensuring that it receives the full and constructive support of its Board of Supervisors. Since my appointment to the Board, I have worked to support conservation of farm land, protection of our watersheds and local climate resilience.  I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and raised my family in Olympia. I have taught environmental history and human geography. As a volunteer board member of Heart of America Northwest, an organization dedicated to cleaning up contaminated nuclear sites across the Northwest, I have extensive experience working with a broad range of agencies and interest groups toward a common goal of protecting the health of Northwest residents and the Columbia River. I support conservation education and policy that is grounded in sound science, and look forward to helping the District to improve access to its resources in order to serve the whole community.