Join us at Thurston Conservation District’s second annual Harvest Festival on October 7th, 2023, from 10-3pm at the South Union Grange (10030 Tilley Rd S, Olympia, WA 98512) to bid on the following items at our silent auction.

If you intend to bid on an item, please note that we cannot deliver. Come prepared to haul your equipment from the Harvest Festival (e.g., the spreaders require a pin hitch to haul).

You are welcome to make an appointment to view the equipment before Oct. 7th at our TCD office. Please make arrangements with Sophia Barashkoff at 360-754-3588 or

2000 Ford Ranger

A white, 2000 Ford Ranger pickup truck. In need of repairs: needs new head gasket.

Pick up at the Harvest Festival.

2000 Ford Ranger II

A red, 2000 Ford Ranger pickup truck. In need of repairs: does not run.

Pick up at the TCD office only.

2007 Saturn Vue

A white, 2007 Saturn Vue. In need of repairs: needs a new air conditioning unit, no airbags.

Pick up at the Harvest Festival.

Drop Spreader

This is an EZEE-FLOW EW-55 drop spreader and seeder, manufactured by Avco Distribution Corps.. It can be used to apply dry fertilizers and soil amendments, like lime as well as some types of seed. It attaches via a pin hitch.

Pick up at the Harvest Festival.

Manure Spreader

This spreader is a Pequea 35G Compact Manure Spreader. It has a capacity of 35 bushels (a struck capacity – is the capacity if it’s loaded perfectly even to the sides – of 0.93 yards). It’s ground driven and needs to be hauled by a tractor or other suitable vehicle. It was purchased in 2019 and has been a part of TCD’s rental program since then. It connects to the hauling vehicle using a pin hitch. Works best with lighter feedstock. Heavy feedstocks or overloading can lead to slipping of the beaters.

Pick up at the Harvest Festival.