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Board Member Elections


Thurston Conservation District 2015 Election Update


Final Voting Results:

James Goche - 69 votes    

Samantha Fleischner - 110 votes

The Washington State Conservation Commission is responsible for certification of all Washington State conservation district elections. They will consider such certification at their May 21st, 2015 meeting which is set to be held in Kittitas County (Ellensburg, WA). They have not yet announced the meeting location. 

Please note that the Thurston Conservation District Board of Supervisors passed a motion at a special board meeting held on March 5th, 2015, to request that the Washington State Conservation Commission not certify the Thurston Conservation District election. 

Thurston Conservation District Board

Supervisors are public officials who direct the activities of the conservation district, identify local conservation needs, set priorities, and oversee the implementation of plans to conserve soil, water, wildlife, and other renewable resources.

Five members comprise the Board, each serving three-year terms, without compensation. Three of the five Supervisors are elected by registered Thurston County voters, and two are appointed by the Washington State Conservation Commission. David Hall, Jim Goche, & Treacy Kreger serve in the three elected Supervisor positions.  Doug Rushton and Eric Johnson serve in the appointed positions.  The elected position held by Jim Goche and the appointed position held by Doug Rushton expire in 2015.





For more information, please contact Kathleen Whalen: or 360-754-3588 ext 114

Thurston Conservation District

2918 Ferguson St SW, Suite A

Tumwater WA 98512


Thurston Conservation District Boundaries Map

Conservation District Elections Policy Manual

What It Means to be a District Supervisor